About us

Canadian Photographer

Circle of Confusion is a Web magazine devoted to Canadian photographers.

Canadian photography, and the state of photography in the land of the true north strong and free is important to us all. Open any photo magazine these days, and you’ll be confronted with megapixels, ISO, grain, hardware, software, digital workflows, accutance, lines per millimeter, and a bunch of other photo geek hoo-hah. Somewhere along the way most publications seem to have lost sight of the art of making images and the artists themselves.

Circle of Confusion is our answer to this.

We’re all about the photographs and the people who make them. We want to introduce Canadians to our country’s greatest photographers (both amateur and professional), and to get inside their heads about how and why they make their art. We want to showcase great Canadian photography. It’s that simple.

Who publishes CoC?

Circle of Confusion is the brain child of Sean and Jennifer McCormick, a husband and wife creative team. He’s a photographer, and she’s a writer and editor with a good eye. You can learn more about them at their photography site. Editorial assistance is provided by Nancy Fielding. Raymond van der Woning will be regularly contributing words and images.

If you want to know who actually does what, well, here you go:

Jennifer McCormick, Publisher & Editor
Sean McCormick, Webmaster & Art Director
Nancy Fielding, Assistant Editor
Raymond A. van der Woning, Assistant Webmaster & Writer

When is the next issue going to be available?

Circle of Confusion is published when time and energy permit. We’re hoping to pump out another issue towards the end of 2006.

How do i get my work featured in CoC?

The publishers of this magazine tend to keep a close eye on Canada’s photographic community. The best way to come to our attention is to get involved. This could mean joining your local photo club and entering your slides and prints into competitions, joining the Canadian Association for Photographic Art and becoming active there, or simply publishing your work to the Web via your own photoblog. If you’re putting your work in front of others on a regular basis and there is merit to it, you will come to our attention.

On the other hand, sending us a ‘lookit me’ e-mail is not a very good way to catch our eye. We’re cranky before we’ve had our morning coffee, so please don’t, okay? Okay.

What’s the deal with the name?

If you’re familiar with how to calculate hyperfocal distance, the name of our magazine will make sense to you. If you’re not, it’s probably high time you learned, isn’t it? Sorry, but if you were expecting a better explanation than that, you’re out of luck.