How to upload an image to the Imgur official app

Step by Step Tips On How to Upload Images to the Imgur Official App


If you want to upload the pictures you just took with your iPhone or Android device to Imgur, then it’s best you know that the process has been simplified. Imgur has unveiled their official app for both Android and iPhone users. And being one of the largest image hosting sites on the internet means the launch of their official app is long overdue.

Okay this new mobile app is broken

Initially, uploading pics to Imgur took was a bit mechanic. As Imgur did not have an official app, which meant that many of their users were uploading their photos to the PC first, before uploading to Imgur. Though, several third-party apps later came into being and did help users shorten the process. Now that Imgur has launched their official app, it’s prudent that users learn how to use it when uploading the photos to the site. The app is so simple, yet has robust features to ensure users can upload as many pictures as possible, and in the shortest time possible. Here is a simple step by step process for uploading photos to official Imgur app that you are surely going to like.

How to upload an image to the Imgur official app

1.Firstly, you need to download the official Imgur app from their website. They have apps for both Android and iPhone devices. In this simple tutorial, we will focus on uploading images on official Imgur app for iPhone. Though the app works the same way, if you are using an Android device.

2. Once you’ve installed the app, open the app, and click the visibly large plus icon colored in blue located at the bottom of your screen.

3. After clicking the large blue icon, click on the “Camera Roll” option, then select the image that you want to upload to Imgur. After selecting camera roll, tap the check mark located in the top right corner.

4. Next, you’ll be taken to the next page, where you can add more information about your image. This is where you insert the title of your image plus its description. You can then choose whether your photo uploads can be viewed by everyone or not. This step entirely depends on what you want to do with your pictures.

5. The last step is to hit the visible upload button, and your pics will be successfully uploaded on Imgur. Imgur provides you with many ways of sharing your photos with the world. You can use the share link button to share your pictures to platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, email, etc. Hopefully, this helps you share your content online. For more tips, including how to gain traffic to your website, check out

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