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Online Canadian Art Gallery Will Show Your Art No Charge


SEO of the Art World

The process of getting a good page rank on Google, Yahoo & man is called search engine optimization and is really beat handled by the webmaster of your gallery page. It is that persons’ job to bring traffic to your page that is looking for your particular kind of art.

The great part about having your art shown on-line is, of course, that millions of people from all over the world have access to your artwork 24/7. All you, the artist, needs to do is get their photos, biography & description uploaded to their on-line gallery and then respond to customers requests to purchase prints, info or original artwork.

Most on-line galleries will charge the artist a monthly fee of anywhere between $10 & $hundreds, but once in awhile you will find a website offering to host your art gallery page for free. In the internet world, it is a good idea to have your artwork in many different locations as well as articles written about you and your work should be submitted to well know human edited article sites.

Artists, don’t waste any more days thinking about getting your original artwork out there. Get in touch with the on-line art gallery scene. It’s easy and it’s necessary to your career as an artist.

The news is good if you are a new artist with contemporary artwork but don’t know how to go about exhibiting or showing your art to the world. It’s sometimes free and very easy to post your work to on-line art galleries and even have your own art gallery page where you are the featured artist with a biography and art listings on exhibit and for sale.

The best gallery to choose is one that has a real person administering the site every day and also one that is known for a specific genre, region of origin or artist style/medium. Right now, if you are a Canadian artist, a great gallery choice would be one that specializes in Canadian artists. When an art buyer is searching on-line for Canadian art, they will get your Canadian artist page as a search result.

We will be happy to display your artwork on http://circleofconfusion.ca, just contact us via the Contact form on our site!